Dynamic Battery Services Ltd is registered with the Environment Agency national database as a producer of Industrial and Automotive batteries.

Dynamic Battery Services Ltd is fully aware of the impact any industrial process can have on the environment, and view their involvement in the waste management industry as an opportunity to be proactive in Environmental matters wherever possible.

We believe, therefore, that we have a commitment to:

  1. Maintain the accepted environmental standards of treatment, ensuring full compliance with existing legislation and to ensure that all employees are trained to these standards and kept abreast of new developments and changes in legislation.
  2. Work within the Company’s operating practices and maintain records as required.
  3. Maintain the highest standard of environmental awareness and compliance throughout the Company and wherever possible, recycle materials used within our own Company function.
  4. Evaluate all material in accordance with our procedures and develop recycling and recovery alternatives where practicable.
  5. Continually invest in methods and options to improve the efficiency of our activities so as to reduce the use of energy – non-renewable sources in particular.
  6. Provide a service along with documentation that will enable our customers to fulfil their Duty of Care and legal obligations under the environmental legislation.
  7. Provide information and guidance on environmental issues to our customers on an ongoing basis.
  8. Listen to and act upon, the demands of customers to give the best practicable environmental option.

This policy will be continually reviewed and revised to ensure that our environmental objectives are achieved.