Our Automotive batteries are produced by our parent company First Battery in South Africa. First Battery is a prominent manufacturer of lead-acid batteries and has been at the forefront of battery technology and innovation for over 90 years.

The company was established in 1931 in East London, South Africa, and began producing automotive batteries at that time. Since then, First Battery has grown to become a leading manufacturer of a wide range of batteries for various applications, including automotive, marine, standby power, and renewable energy.

The batteries produced by First Battery are distributed to consumers in South Africa and around the world through a strategic network of local distributors and First Battery Centre franchises. With 3 factories based in South Africa, all processes are completed "in-house".

The Automotive Battery Factory East London, is capable of producing over 10,000 batteries per day. This factory specializes in the production of automotive batteries for a range of vehicles including cars, trucks, and heavy-duty equipment.

The second East London plant is primarily for Plastics production, Battery formation as well as an AGM plant producing Absorbent Glass Mat technology batteries.

The Third plant is the Distribution and Recycling factory, situated in Johannesburg, houses the lead smelter, warehousing, distribution, finishing, marketing, and finance divisions of First Battery. This plant is responsible for recycling over 17,000 tons of lead per annum, making a significant contribution to the company’s sustainable manufacturing practices.

The company’s export reach spans over 40 countries worldwide, and its batteries have gained a reputation for being of high quality and reliability.

In addition to serving individual consumers, First Battery is the preferred choice of South African Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), including some of the most well-known brands in the automotive industry. These OEMs include Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, GM SA, BMW, Volkswagen SA, Renault, Ford, Nissan Diesel, and MAN. The fact that these industry leaders choose First Battery’s products is a testament to the quality and performance of the company’s batteries.