Dynamic and its sister companies understand developments that are happening in the battery market and has formulated its range to meet original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket demand.

Modern vehicles have many features that require battery power even when the engine if off. OEM’s have introduced ‘Start/Stop’, in various formats to manage these changes, for Hybrid vehicles. It means that this new technology is needed in the aftermarket too.

It is estimated that, from 2015, 70% of vehicles manufactured in Europe will boast a Start / Stop system, meaning that they will require a replacement Start / Stop battery in years to come.
Dynamic Battery Services Ltd offer a wide range of batteries including a complete range of:

  • Dynamic Blue
  • Dynamic Silver
  • Dynamic Diamond
  • MUTLU Start/Stop Enhanced Cyclic Mat
  • MUTLU Start/Stop Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM Batteries

Our range of batteries are engineered to Original Equipment Standard (OEM) and factory fitted by many worldwide marques.