Dynamic’s commercial / HGV / Heavy Plant / PSV and Agricultural range of batteries consists of three main ranges Dynamic Blue, Dynamic Silver and Dynamic Diamond. Again all are of outstanding quality, reliability, and durability sum up our range of batteries on the market today.

  • comm-blue

    Commercial Blue

    The Dynamic Blue battery is designed for vehicles with an entry level of electric equipment and a demand for strong CCA. For older vehicles, no tail lift, no hotel loadings, local trips with no sleeper cab use. Low Endurance & Vibration resistance (no plate locking etc.) High cranking capability Produced…

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  • comm-silver2

    Commercial Silver

    Dynamic Silver battery is a real all-rounder, offering excellent power, capacity, cold start performance and reliability. The bench mark OE Matching range. Standard vehicles, but can cope with Tail lift and hotel loadings. Increased Endurance & Vibration standards in line with EN directives. 30% more starting power Produced with Ca/Ca…

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  • comm-red2

    Commercial Diamond

    The Preferred and advised range for vehicles with high levels of hotel loading, i.e. sleeper cabs, laptops, cooking, GPS, tail lift etc. Ideal for urban & long distance PSV with increased endurance & vibration protection. 30% more starting power Produced with Ca/Ca expanded metal technology SMF cover provides roll over…

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